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88Graph 'KIRYU, Mechagodzilla, Shinagawa Genso (Large)' / Tokyo Genso

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Godzilla, the giant hero who has dominated the Japanese film industry since the Showa era, and Tokyo Genso, the most emerging artist today who has been depicting the decadent Tokyo landscape with his unique sensibility, have finally collaborated!

To honor the 20th anniversary of the creation of Kiryu Mechagodzilla, Tokyo Genso, has revived the Kiryu Mechagodzilla with a new plot written by film director Masaaki Tezuka.
The rusted cars of the JR and Keihin Electric Express lines could be seen in the grassy vegetation spreading out between the collapsed buildings from the Shinagawa Yatsuyama Bridge, where Godzilla once attacked in 1954. On the Daiichi Keihin National Highway, a Type 60 maser beam car with plants entangled in it was abandoned along with general vehicles. In the back, among the rubble, a motionless Kiryu Mechagodzilla was exposed to the elements, its silver-colored fuselage rusted in places, and countless green ivies were entangled. A young Godzilla stood in front of the Kiryu, and Mothra soared into the sky and began circling around it.
The mysterious scene that occurred in the uninhabited rubble town was like a paradise floating in the sunset.

*The close-up photographs are darkened to reduce surface reflections caused by the light used to photograph the prints.

On the Art Print, from EDITION88

The light of the setting sun shining in from behind Godzilla is impressive, and this effect makes the composition of Mechagodzilla and Godzilla facing each other more dramatic in this work. Therefore, we were careful to reproduce the red color of the setting sun so that this part of the print would be beautifully reproduced. We also aimed for faithful color reproduction by carefully picking up the colors in the shadow areas of the maser car and Yatsuyama Bridge at the bottom of the image so that the details in the shadow areas would not appear obscure.

The most important point of this art print is that Godzilla and Mechagodzilla's eyes appear to glow for a moment depending on the angle you look at them! By applying a gloss sheen to these eyes and the red light in the foreground, we were able to create depth in the image and successfully express the impact of the artwork.

This art prints are made on handmade washi paper made from bamboo and hardwood.  Washi is a traditional Japanese paper and the washi we used is particularly produced for EDITION88 in cooperation with a washi studio in Tokushima. It is characterized by the soft texture unique to handmade washi, and when ink is applied to it, it looks three-dimensional. We would be very happy if you could see the product in person.

This washi is designed with hand-torn edges, that is why we chose float framing so that this can be seen.

Hand-signed by Tokyo Genso
●Limited edition of 50 
●Bamboo-based japanese Paper (washi)
●Medium: 88 graph (UV and clear ink)
 ▸Image size 566 x 400mm / 22.28 x 15.74inch
 ▸Sheet size 595 x 420mm / 23.42 x 16.53inch
●Officially licensed by TOHO CO., LTD.
●Manufactured by EDITION88
●Certificate of Authenticity

TM & ©︎ TOHO CO., LTD.

Shipping date: Within 2 months after receiving your order

Important Notice
●Since this product is made to order, please allow a certain amount of time for shipping. 
●Our products are shipped from Japan and may be subject to customs duties, import taxes, customs fees, etc. in the destination country. EDITION88 DOES NOT collect those fees directly and therefore those are not included in your total amount due.  Please read our policies before placing your order.
Mechagodzilla and Godzilla created by TOKYO GENSO
88Graph 'KIRYU, Mechagodzilla, Shinagawa Genso (Large)' / Tokyo Genso Sale price$551.00 USD