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Article: Unveiled: Kazuhiko Shimamoto art exhibition -FLAME-

Unveiled: Kazuhiko Shimamoto art exhibition -FLAME-

"Kazuhiko Shimamoto Art Exhibition -FLAME-" started on April 28 at Yurakucho Marui, Tokyo. More than 100 original artworks, including valuable color manuscripts, manga manuscripts, and setting materials, were on display, and we would like to introduce a few scenes from the exhibition!


Honō no Tenkōsei

Weekly Shōnen Sunday, 1983 No.31 - 1985 No.48 (Shogakukan)

This is Kazuhiko Shimamoto's first full-length original serial.

It is an unusual boys' manga in which the main character, Noboru Takizawa, is not only cool but also well-spoken and charming, even if he can appear pathetic at times.

Bursting with intense action and sharp gags and parodies, it is the origin of Shimamoto's manga, which has continued to the present day.


Kaze no Senshi Dan (Super Ninja Dan)

Weekly Shōnen Sunday extra issue, June 1982 - April 1986 (Shogakukan)

This was his first serial work, which began four months after his debut.

The original story was written by Tetsu Kariya, who was known for "Otokogumi" and later created "Oishinbo" and other works.

The visual design of the mecha and other parts was done by Yutaka Izubuchi, a young animator who had emerged as a prominent figure at the time.


Moeyo Pen

Sindbad, June 1990 - Young Club, August 1991 (Takeshobo)

 This is the first work in which Honoo Moyuru appears.

It opened up new possibilities in the field of manga depicting manga artists. Up to the 10th episode, it was reprinted in Moeyo Pen compilation ("Manga Club extra edition") in the May 16, 1991 issue, and at the same time, a manga using photographs, "Jitsuzaijinbutsu Yakudo edition" ("Dynamic real persons edition") was published in the issue.

After the magazine changed its name to "Young Club," the second part also started from the third issue, but the magazine stopped publication after that issue, and the work ceased at this point. This second part was later included in the first issue of "CD-ROM Champion" as a digital comic.


Nine in Adversity

Monthly Shōnen Captain, September 1989 - December 1991 (Tokuma Shoten)

 This is a gag manga about the Zenryoku Gakuen baseball team captain, Toshi Fukutsu (which means "indomitable fighting spirit" in Japanese), who, as the name implies, overcomes all adversity with his indomitable fighting spirit.

The passionate words of wisdom of the characters who have hit rock bottom have left a strong impression on readers, and the manga is still talked about today as a legendary work.

In 2005, it was made into a live-action movie. 


Hoero Pen

Monthly Sunday GX, August 2000 - October 2004  (Shogakukan)

This is a soulful manga about a hot-blooded manga artist, Moyuru Honoo, who fights against all kinds of evil and deadlines, and shouts heartbreaking golden words!

The setting and subtitle were inspired by the detective drama "Taiyō ni Hoero!" which ended with the death of a rookie in the line of duty. Sequels include "Shin Hoero Pen" and "Hoero Pen RRR", a realistic fiction that projects more of the author Shimamoto.


Aoi Honoo

Young Sunday 2007 #14 - 2008 #35, Spirits extra issue YS Special #2, Monthly Shōnen Sunday, June 2009 -.

This is a fiction with autobiographical elements by Kazuhiko Shimamoto, set in the 1980s. It depicts the development of the protagonist, a nobody, Honoo Moyuru, as he grows up to become a professional manga artist, along with the culture of the time and anime and manga works.

The manga was adapted into a TV drama in 2014 and won the Excellence Award in the Manga Division of the 18th Japan Media Arts Festival that same year.

In 2015, it won the 60th Shogakukan Manga Award in the general interest category.


In the following section, we exhibited particularly prominent color originals selected from among his many artworks.


His comics and magazines in which his comics were serialized are also on display.


There are 88Graph created by EDITION88 together with Shimamoto sensei.


Shimamoto sensei arrived the day before the exhibition opened. After taking his time to look around the exhibition hall, he drew an illustration on the large exhibition panel at the entrance.


After taking a tour of the exhibition hall, Shimamoto sensei hand-signed 88Graph in the waiting room.

We'll be uploading the video of Shimamoto sensei visiting the exhibition on YouTube very soon. Stay tuned and get ready to check it out! 😉👀

Here is the video! → CLICK

Look at his art collection → Kazuhiko Shimamoto Art Collection

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