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Article: New products announced for Tsukasa Hojo Exhibition in 2024

New products announced for Tsukasa Hojo Exhibition in 2024

 EDITION88 will release new 88Graph products in conjunction with 'Tsukasa Hojo Exhibition: The Road to CITY HUNTER's 40th Anniversary 2025 — A Limited Special Exhibition' to be held from April 17, 2024.

The total edition size for each 88Graph is 380, and all will feature an autograph by Tsukasa Hojo himself. The release dates will be coordinated with either the first or second half of the exhibition, and please note that release dates will vary by item.


Release Dates

Group A

For Products Sold in the First Half of the Exhibition

  • Venue (Gallery Zenon): Starting April 17th (Wednesday) –
  • Online Shop (EDITION88): Starting May 20th (Monday) –


Group B

For Products Sold in the Second Half of the Exhibition:

  • Venue (Gallery Zenon): Starting May 22nd (Wednesday) –
  • Online Shop (EDITION88): Starting June 24th (Monday) –


New product information


Each piece has been individually airbrushed with pearlescent paint by artisans at EDITION88, resulting in a finish that emphasizes glossiness depending on the viewing angle.

<Group A>



<Group B>





2.88Graph (silver version)

UV printed on glossy silver special paper, the surface has a fine texture and elegant shine.


<Group A>



 Specifications and prices of each item will be announced later.


What is 88Graph?

88Graph is a method of artistic expression utilizing a mixed printmaking technique originally developed by EDITION88 studio.

88Graph can be applied not only to papers but also to a wide range of materials, including metal, wood, acrylic, ceramics, glass, etc.

The main techniques utilized include giclée, silkscreen, UV printing, foil stamping, embossing, etc., as well as hand painting and hand spraying by EDITION88's artisans, and we pursue highly original expression by combining these multiple techniques.


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