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Article: Magical Angel Creamy Mami 40th Anniversary Exhibition, Tokyo and Osaka

Akemi Takada

Magical Angel Creamy Mami 40th Anniversary Exhibition, Tokyo and Osaka

This year marks the 40th anniversary of "Magical Angel Creamy Mami," Studio Pierrot's first original TV animation series, which was first broadcast on July 1, 1983.

To celebrate this 40th anniversary, the exhibition will feature more than 200 items, including three newly drawn illustrations, animation-related materials, and original drawings by Akemi Takada.

We hope you enjoy this exhibition, one of the largest ever, and be charmed by Magical Angel Creamy Mami.


Period: July 28 (Fri) - August 13 (Sun), 2023
Location: Yurakucho Marui, 8th Floor, Event Space, SPACE 7 & 8
Opening hours: 11:00-19:00 (last admission by 18:30)


Period: October 27, 2023 (Fri) ~ November 12, 2023 (Sun)
Venue: Namba Marui, 5th Floor, Event Space

1,000 yen(tax included) for adults and university students
800 yen (tax included) for high school students and younger
*Free admission for preschool children

Admission tickets will be sold at the venue on the day of the event only.

Special benefits for visitors

You will randomly receive one of the two.

・Fan club member's card (Mami and Megumi)
・Crepe store member's card

・A video corner where you can enjoy the opening of the anime on a large screen, as well as photo spots inside and outside the venue!

Visitors can enjoy the opening film of the anime on a large screen at the entrance. There will also be a virtual experience corner where you can take pictures with the characters, life-size panels, and other spots inside and outside the venue that are perfect for taking pictures for social networking sites.

・More than 200 pieces of animation material and Akemi Takada's original drawings will be on display!

The exhibition will include three newly-drawn works commemorating the 40th anniversary, a framed display of selected famous scenes from all 52 episodes reproduced on film along with their stories, valuable animation materials such as setting materials, color specifications, and scripts kept by Studio Pierrot and related parties, and original drawings drawn by Akemi Takada for the exhibition and goods, totaling more than 200 items.
From nostalgic illustrations from the 1983 broadcast to the latest 2023 illustrations, visitors can enjoy the colorful world of "Magic Angel Creamy Mami," which has continued to evolve over the past 40 years.

New illustrations for the 40th anniversary



 Animation-related materials



Original drawings by Akemi Takada


 Akemi Takada's autograph session

Those who purchase items including the art exhibition catalogue for 3,000 yen or more including tax at the venue, are qualified to participate in the autograph session.

Date and time: August 11 (Fri) 14:00-17:00
Autographs to be signed: art exhibition catalogue
Limited to the first 100 people who arrive on a first-come, first-served basis.

New products will be released to commemorate the exhibition!

Various products including 88 graphs (art prints) and the exhibition catalogue are scheduled to be released.

New 88 Graph will be sold overseas through EC.

 Stay tuned for more updates😘

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Facebook: @edition88art

Instagram: @edition88art

Twitter: @edition88art


Summary of Magical Angel Creamy Mami

 Magical Angel Creamy Mami was Studio Pierrot's first original TV animation series and the first in a series of magical girls produced by the studio. It is also the representative work of Akemi Takada's character design work.

 The main character, Yu Morisawa, is a 10-year-old girl who is very energetic and loves her childhood friend Toshio. One day, in return for her accidental rescue of the fairy Pinopino, she is given a "wish-fulfilling magic" with a one-year time limit. The magic spell transforms her into a wonderful woman, and she makes her debut as an idol singer, Creamy Mami. Then began a year-long double life in which Yu could not reveal her true identity.

 This work, like previous magical girl anime, is based on comedy, but drama development emphasizes the emotional turmoil of the protagonist, who is at an impressionable age, in the depiction of her daily life, creating a fresh and new feeling that has never been seen before. This is a new and fresh approach to the drama.

 The voice actress for the main character is Takako Ota, a new idol singer who also sings the theme song. This groundbreaking new strategy of skillfully combining the imaginary idol "Creamy Mami" with the real-life idol Takako Ota attracted a great deal of attention.

・Broadcast Information

July 1, 1983 - June 29, 1984
Fridays, 6:00 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.
Total 52 episodes
Nippon Television Network Corporation

Creamy Mami Art Collection


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