Let's celebrate Madoka's BIrthday!

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To celebrate Madoka's birthday, orders placed between May 25 and June 5, Japan time, will automatically receive a 10% discount at checkout on all "Kimagure Orange Road" items.

Kimagure Orange Road Art Print Collection

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The chance to get Cat's Eye art book

Those who purchase framed art prints of Cat's Eye or/and City Hunter will receive the illustrated book of 'Cat's Eye 40th anniversary Original Art Exhibit - And to City Hunter'.

Cat's Eye and City Hunter Art Print Collection


what is edition88?

We curate and produce everything from exhibits to art prints, working mainly with Japanese creators such as manga artists, animators, and illustrators.

Our art prints are based on their original creations, all of which are developed in close collaboration with the artist. To create an art print, a complex process with numerous steps is required. Only those that pass our rigorous inspections are made available and are hand-signed by the artist or have the artist’s seal.



We have organized over 200 exhibitions since 2009 of more than 30 artists involved in Japanese anime, manga, and video games. In May 2022, we held "Cat's Eye 40th Anniversary Original Art Exhibit: And to City Hunter" in Tokyo, which was the largest exhibition of our company with approximately 350 original drawings. Since our exhibitions are currently limited to Japan, we would like to regularly post information about our exhibitions through this website for those customers who are unable to visit our exhibitions.