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Mutsumi Inomata

Mutsumi Inomata

Born on December 23, 1960, in Kanagawa Prefecture, she started her career as an animator at the end of the 1970s, and has worked on character designs for Plawres Sanshiro and Leda: The Fantastic Adventure of Yohko (Genmu Senki Reda), character drafts for Future GPX Cyber Formula, and main design for Brain Powerd.
She has also worked as an illustrator for Dragon Quest (novel), Utsunomiko and The Weathering Continent (Kaze no Tairiku) and has co-designed characters for the Tales series from Tales of Destiny to the present.

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Mutsumi Inomata / 88Graph ‘My Sweet Cat’Mutsumi Inomata / 88Graph ‘My Sweet Cat’
Mutsumi Inomata / 88Graph ‘Sanctuary blanc’Mutsumi Inomata / 88Graph ‘Sanctuary blanc’
Mutsumi Inomata / 88Graph ‘Sanctuary noir’Mutsumi Inomata / 88Graph ‘Sanctuary noir’