The streets of Tokyo created by TOKYO GENSO are completely
ruined, with no human presence to be seen. Yet, why is it that they capture the viewer's heart and evoke a variety of emotions?

For those of us who live in today's society with its many problems, the works give us a great impact and at times, agitate our hearts. But at the same time, we are also filled with colorful and mysterious emotions, such as hope, healing, lightness, nostalgia, laughter, and so on.

The famous building that everyone knows is completely decayed and about to fall. Parts of it are covered with moss and branches of trees, submerged, and sometimes even animals that should not exist there are living there in abundance.

The sun's rays brightly illuminate the scene, and the star-filled sky reminds us of the eternity of time. If you look closely, you can even make out the shapes of non-human
creatures. It is interesting to see the figure of a non-human being.


Is this the future Earth or a "parallel world" that exists in a completely different dimension from this world?

In this chaotic age of natural disasters, conflicts, epidemics, etc., where even the very meaning of our existence is being questioned, we hope you will enjoy the many original and fantastic works that seem to have been punched in a gaping hole.

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akihabara genso cherryblossom

tokyo genso collectiion

Shoheibashi genso

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shibuya undergraound labyrinth genso

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kaminarimon genso

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yanakaginza genso

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kiryu mechagodzilla


He started his career as an artist in May 2008. In addition to creating backgrounds for games and animation, he has been actively presenting his original works, and holding exhibitions in recent years. He has appeared in numerous magazines, newspapers, TV programs, and online media in Japan and abroad, and has over 180,000 followers on Twitter as of September 2022.


Dec. 2020 "Tokyo Genso 2021" at Yurakucho Marui

Apr. 2021 "Tokyo Genso 2021 Spring" at Shinjuku Marui Annex

May 2021 "Tokyo Genso" at Maruzen Marunouchi Main Gallery

Oct. 2021 "Tokyo Genso 2021 x Van Gogh" at Ueno Marui

Mar. 2022 "Tokyo Genso 2022 SAKURA" at Ueno Marui

Jun. 2022 Shin Arts x OsamuTezuka Characters ~Acrylic Arts by Illustrations~

Art books:

Tokyo Genso ART BOOK" (Nov. 2014, Karajimasha)

Tokyo Genso Art Book" (May 2020, Geijutsu Shinbunsha)

Tokyo Genso Art Book II" (Aug. 2022, Geijutsu Shinbunsha) 

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